Produced by
Regular Tree, Rocky Tree
Sweaty Tree
Palm Tree
Humble Wood
Blue Stone Axe, Hammer and Spade
Feathery Net
Leafy Hood
Brown Stone Axe, Hammer and Spade
Used for
Kindle Fire
These hand-sized bits of woodlet are very handy indeed.

Woodlets are hand-sizes chunks of wood that drop from felled trees of all kinds and sizes. They can also be acquired by chopping pieces of Humble Wood with an Axe.

Regular woodletsEdit

Regular woodlets belong to the very first items in the game available to the player. They are created by felling different kinds of trees, and can be used to kindle a long-lasting fire or to create various tools.

Sweaty woodletsEdit

Similar to the regular version, this woodlets are used for crafting special items like the Leafy Hood. They offer a lessen fuel value to kindle the bonfire.

Palm woodletsEdit

This woodlets are essential for crafting the enhanced version of the tools made with Blue Stone, like the Brown Stone Axe, the Brown Stone Hammer and the Brown Stone Spade.

Acacia woodletsEdit

These woodlets are used for crafting special items like the Javelin