A gleaming sandily cove which whafts of bootiful delights.
I have a slightly suspicion buried treasure lurks here.

The Treasure Cove is a Mysterious Place only found while scouting with the proper map. It has most of the Beaches characterstics. The player should bring a shovel and Brim Hat against sunstroke for the task ahead. Once finished you may acquire gold and the Amulet of Avarice.

Please Go Away, No Treasure HereEdit

On multiple occasions the player is discouraged in a somewhat funny way to uncover the treasure :

  • "This is a no-treasure zone. No buried fortunes allowed."
  • "Only sado pathetic wimply losers dig for buried treasure."
  • "If you're reading this then fantastic you're not digging."
  • "Reminder: Absolutely definitely no treasure buried here."
The treasure in this chest
may look precious, but are
actually worthless fakes.
Honestly they're not worth
stealing. Now go away!
  • "Even if treasure is buried here (there's not) only a truly awful miscreant would plunder another's prized booty."
  • "Ugh, what a boringly banal beach. Nothing notable here."
  • "Please go away. Your presence hurts my feelings... :'-C"


  • The Treasure Cove was added in v4


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