Storage Box
Produced by
2x Humble Wood
A storage box to collate my stockpile of nifty resources. It also keeps the pesky rain from rotting away my tools.
The storage box is one of the earliest camp upgrades available to the player. It has 10 slots of storage-space and protect certain items from deteriorating from enviromental effects.

A camp can only have 1 storage box.



To craft the storage box the player needs to be in camp and combine 2 x Humble wood.

Extra StorageEdit

Since the storage capacity of this box is rather sparse - only 10 slots of space - it is important to know what to store and what not to store to use it effectively.

  • It protect tools from deteriorating due to rain and general ground effects.
  • However it does not increase the expirations date on foods, but is a convient way of getting an overview of your current food supplies instead of dropping the food on the ground.
  • It does not keep kindle wood dry - wood on the ground and in the storage box while it is raining is stoking the campfire the same amount making it a waste of space storing fire wood.    

Storage Box space