As of version 6 this item has been removed.

Produced by
1x Little Blue Wonder
2x Glass Lens
Used for
Finding new Domains
The Spyglass gives you a better chance of finding a new domain when exploring new territory. This means less time wasted searching.

The spyglass also gives a better chance of stumbling upon Mysterious Places when going to regular domains. The list of domains that can lead to Mysterious Places is shown below.

Fanciful Forest: Devotive of Shrubbery, Foresty Sculpture

Windswept Highlands/Rockies: Appley Tree, Humongous Head

Crystal Stream/Fluid Marshes: Orbicular Lagoon, Branular Grove

Mystical Monuments: Ashy Peddler, Ashy Sculpture

The Astral Sanctum can be found during Astral Winds weather. ("The sky is alive with mysterious meteors")

In the v6 update, the spyglass was removed.[1]  

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