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The Snowy Summit is a Mysterious Place revealed to you at the 16th day and refered multiples times in the story mode as your ultimate goal. It takes a full day to get here. At the right a gateway can only opened if the player hold all the pieces of talisman. The extreme climate of the Snowy Summit consists of a stronger version of Freezing in addition to Frozen Ground, Snow and Wind Chill which drains stamina over time even with proper clothings (highly recommended).


Player: This... this snowy place... I recognise it from my dreams.

GhostyFriend: Tell me, in the dreams do you reach the celestial summit?

Player: I'm running... The windy mists of snow feel so heavy... I can barely see.
Player: I reach for the blinding light ahead... But something grabs me from behind, something dark.
Player: I feel the chill of it's beathe upon my neck... But I dare not turn to face the darkness... then I awake.

GhostyFriend: You yearn for the clarity that lies at the snowy peak but suffocating slivers from within won't allow our advent.

Player: Then what must I do ? How can I reach that which I seek ?

GhostyFriend: In the deepest recesses of these wilds of bewilderments nestles our shattered essences of mindily and bodily.

GhostyFriend: Seek the knowledge of mastery to reach the summit and there unite our remnant essences to unseal salvation.


At last... I have clarity...


As the player run to the top of the Snowy Summit the Haunting Shadow will try to haunt for the last time the player sending from behind a wave of demons to poison the player as the player run toward it's ghosty friend. At the edge of the summit the player safely fades away to it's home and begins cleaning it.


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