Autumn as it appears inside Echo of The Wilds.

Seasons play an important  gameplay mechanics  role in Echo of The Wilds. They create changes within different domains, food resources, and enviroment appearance. They also introduce a variety of difficulties throughout both gameplay modes. In Story Mode, seasons last 15 days each until winter, which lasts until the game is completed, the player dies or time is reset via an altar in The Further


Each new game, in both story and survival mode, begins in spring. Spring is characterised by clear weather, green flora, and convenient food amounts. Spring is the easiest season to survive in. 


Summer is much the same as spring. Resources will only decline slightly, and hotter climates may occur in some biomes. Trees will change to blue and purple colours instead of the usual green.


Autumn is a season which is generally characterised by the appearence it causes on flora, changing all trees to a orange, red and brown colour. Berries will rarely grow on bushes, but mushrooms will increase in abundance. Rain will become a frequent weather effect. Rabbits become more rare, and the Devotive of Shrubbery gives less berries than in Summer or Spring.  


Easily recognised, winter is the most difficult season to survive in inside the game. If the player does not have sufficient clothing, they will experience stamina drain through freezing temperatures in almost every domain. All regular trees will die, making leafy foliage unobtainable. All bushes will also die, including the bushes found in the Devotive of Shrubbery to become useless. Bodies of water will freeze, except for seawater found in the beach and Caverns Gateway biomes. Snow will frequently occur, leading bonfires to require cover. Players that do not have a Goat Blanky will lose stamina at night as if the player had no bonfire burning. In Story Mode, Winter cannot be survived through, as it is stated that the player must complete the game before the 'Unending Winter consumes all', though you may sacrifice all the talisman fragments that you have in the The Further to reset time to spring[1]. In 'Endless Mode', however, it is possible to survive through winter.