This is the first type of tree you can find at the Homecamp or while exploring the Fanciful Forest.

Regular trees appear in two sizes. Small trees can bear Scrumptious Succulent Harvest, which can be harvested using a Feathery Net or picked up when the tree is chopped down.

Small TreeEdit

Small trees can be felled using an axe.

chopped down: 2x Leafy Foliage, 2x Wand of Wood, 2x Woodlet, and 1x Scrumptious Succulent Harvest as the case may be.

Where the small tree stood, a stump is left behind, which can be extracted using a spade.

Medium TreeEdit

You can use 9–10 little blue wonders or 1–2 blue stone axes for felling a medium tree.

The chopped down tree drops: 3x Leafy Foliage, 3x Woodlet, 3x Wand of Wood and 2x Humble Wood.