Rabbit Snare
Produced by
1x Wand of Wood
1x String
1x Carrot
Used for
Acquiring Rabbit Carcass
No fluffy wuffy rabbit can ever resist my diabolical carrot snare contraption. I just need to be vewy quiet abowt it. 

The rabbit snare offers the first oportunity for hunting.

The rabbit snare can be crafted once you get the schematics from the knowledge altars at the Mystical Monuments. Once in your inventory, the player needs to go to the Windswept Highlands and look out for rabbits. Once one is in sight, the snare can be placed on the ground and as soon as the player moves away, the rabbit will fall in it.

One used rabbit snare yields 1x Rabbit Carcass which then can be skinned to get food, and pelt for crafting clothing.


The snare is crafted from 1x String, 1x Carrot and 1x Wand of Wood