Rabbit Carcass
Rabbit carcass
Produced by
trapping a Rabbit with a Rabbit Snare
Animal Innards
Rabbit Pelt
The sullen snuggly shell of a passed oh so cuddly rabbity. With a knifey tool I can harvest it's abandon t.

The rabbit carcass is the product of using a Rabbit Snare to capture a rabbit in the Windswept Highlands. Once in the ground, it can be skinned using a flint stone* to obtain 1x Animal Innards, 1x Rabbit Pelt and 50% chance of 1x Lucky Rabbit Tootsie (improved with lucky charms).

.* I don't understand well its mechanic but once I couldn't skin a rabbit. The character just kept hurting himself with the stone. Maybe too low Stamina?