The Plains Altar is a mysterious place where a talisman piece can be acquired. There are two parts to this domain: the water puzzle you see when you first arrive, and the "mightily thirsty trek" which can only be accessed after solving the puzzle. At the water puzzle part, three shapes can be seen in the sky (small, medium, large). In order to open the path to the second section of the domain the player must make the shapes match the ones seen in a similar scene in dreams. The shapes can be changed by offering water (anything the player could drink) or using an empty water receptacle (Coconut Flask, Frog Flask, coconut shell) at one of the six altars in the domain. Each shape is associated with two altars, and so has 4 different states it can be in. The possible states are:

  1. Both wet : Circle
  2. Left wet, right dry: Square
  3. Right wet, left dry: Hexagon
  4. Both dry: Triangle

From left to right, the altars are associated with the small, medium, and large symbols in the sky. If you skip the dream and decide to brute force the combination, no cut scene plays so watch for a building to appear in the distance or go to The Further, where the shapes could be seen in the background.

When the symbols in the sky match the ones seen in the dreams, a gate will open, allowing the the player to access the second part of this domain. The second part requires all day to visit and cannot be done at any other time than the first part of the day. To survive the trek to the talisman piece, the player will need to carry a lot of water (5-6 coconut shells full, or 3 Frog Flasks).

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