Nestled amidst marshes of fluffiness an orbicular anomaly
resplendent with mind map essences floats ominously

The Orbicular Lagoon is a Mysterious Place which may be found on the way to the Streams, it has the same characteristics, including the possibility to drink. There an unique Biome Globe can be found and some pedestrals. At the left pedestral the Biome Globe may be deposited to switch it's travel location. If a Biome Globe is placed in both the left and right pedestrals the player may travel instantly to the left's Biome Globe location then pick them on the ground.

Possible Biomes to switch include : Ashy Altar, Beaches, Caverns, Endly Altar, Forests, Highlands, Jungles, Marhses, Rockies, Salt Lake, Streams.


  • The Orbicular Lagoon was added in v4.
  • During winter even if the water doesn't freeze the player may no longer drink.


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