Acquired by
Picking in the Fanciful Forest
or the Sweaty Jungle
Mushroom Stew
Nutritive value
Stamina Vitality
Raw 3 1
Not cookable
What a lovely bright <color> looking mushroom.
Mushrooms can be found in the Fanciful Forest and in the Sweaty Jungle. There are different kinds of mushrooms and they can all be harvest and eaten. They all grant the same amount of stamina and vitality except the red mushroom which poisons the player, draining stamina for a period of time. Like all foodstuff, mushrooms can be offered at the altar at the Mystical Monuments to gain knowledge.
  • Red Mushroom - Although this is poisonous it can still be offered at the pedestals for knowledge.
  • Blue Mushroom
  • Yellow Mushroom
  • Pink Mushroom

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