Mixery Bowl

The Mixery Bowl is a camp upgrade used to make consumables. Its recipe is obtained at Witchy Brewer, as well as in-game food recipes. It requires 1x Humble Wood and 1x Blue Stone to make. To create combinations, the component items need only be placed in the bowl.

Recipes Edit

Mushroom Stew = 3x Monster Mushrooms (any kind but red)

Mushroom Brew = 3x Mushrooms (any kind but red)

Fishy Finny Soup = 2x Fishy Fin

Berry Bun = 1x Berries + 1x Floury Plant

Bloodied Heart = 1x Blackened Heart + 1x Pure Flower

Meaty Balled Hash = 1x Potato + 1x Onion + 1x Animal Innards

Fruit Punch = 1x Berries + 1x Scrumptious Succulent Harvest

Fruit Flan = 1x Scrumptious Succulent Harvest + 1x Floury Plant

Carrot Cake = 1x Carrot + 1x Floury Plant

Carroted Mash = 1x Carrot + 1x Potato + 1x Onion

Orchard Crumble = 1x Plummy Fruits + 1x Floury Plant