Jungle altar

This mysterious place contains a talisman fragment. There are four different sub-areas in this domain, each accessed by examining the altar on the outside at the four different times of day (dawn, early morning, noon, and evening). The first room contains an altar that will hold a talisman piece and a hint about how to make it appear.

The talisman piece is acquired by using Glass Lenses and the crystals to cause light to shine in the pattern seen in the first room. The color on the outermost ring should be unfocused, with 0 lenses used. The middle color should be partially focused, with one lens used. The center color should be fully focused, using two lenses. After the crystals and lenses are in place in the three different rooms, the player can go to the first room and retrieve a talisman piece.

The main altar that takes you to the different rooms can only be used once per day, meaning that it will take at least 4 visits on 4 separate days to acquire the talisman piece.

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