The Jungles Gateway is a puzzle that

unlocks the Sweaty Jungle once solved.


Appearance Edit

The Jungles Gateway looks like a large gateway with walls preventing moving past it. There are two blue torches on the sides of the gateway, with a parchment under each torch. On the gate, there is a 3 by 4 grid with two randomly generated highlighted squares. In front of the gate, there is a pedestal. Once the puzzle here is solved, the flora in the foreground and background will gain color, and the sounds of the jungle will start to play (insects and birds).

Where else have you seen that 3 by 4 grid? What color are the obelisks found after searching in the parchments?  
Another hint:
The grid represents the map, while the highlighted squares represent where the obelisks should be on your map. Once you have put the obelisks in the correct places, inspect the pedestal.

Time UsedEdit

Visiting the Jungles Gateway takes a quarter of a day.

Moon visit 1