Hunting game is a reliable food source even into the late game (Fall and Winter). Rabbits and Deer stop appearing once Winter starts, but Goats can be found until the player dies or finishes the game. Existing hunting grounds are the Fanciful Forrest (for Deer), the Rocky Hearts (for Goats) and the Windswept Highlands (for Rabbits). 

Small GameEdit

Hunting a rabbit requires a rabbit snare. The snare can be placed in front of a rabbit (roughly half screen distance). The rabbit carcass can be picked up and disemboweled at the Homecamp, thus saving place in the inventory.

Big Game Edit

Big game are Goat and Deer

Hunting big game requires a Javelin

Deer Hunting in the Fanciful Forest.

Don't get too close or you'll spook them. Fragrancy Flowers hide the smell of the player, allowing the player to get closer to the prey before spooking it. Big game is too heavy for carrying back to the Homecamp; instead, it has to be Skinned on the same spot it was killed. To disembowel game, a Flint Stone, Midnight Ore, or Dynite Axe is essential. The products of the skinning (hides, Venison, Animal Innards, etc.) can be carried away separately.

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