The camp is one of the players' only constants in the everchanging world in Echo of the Wilds.

While most other areas that the player encounters seems to miraculously rearrange upon each new visit, the player can always find back to this spot. 

It is here that the player will spent the night. A bonfire should be kindle every night so not to lose too much stamina.

Storing Items at your campEdit

Since inventory space is very limited in the beginning of the game, storing resources at the camp is necessary not only to survive, but to thrive in the unforgiving wilderness that is Echo of the Wilds. And until the player creates some other means of storage it is important to know what resources and items can be left on the ground without disappearing. 

  • All kinds of wood can safely be thrown and kept at the ground until use. Wood will never rot. (unconfirmed)
  • There are different kinds of food available to the player. All raw meats should used right away or stored in an Salt Box.  Warning: Storing raw meat on the ground or in a Storage Box will spoil in over night!
  • Berries,  fruits or mushrooms can handle a few days on the ground or in a Storage Box before rotting and eventually becoming worms.

Camp UpgradesEdit

Time UsedEdit

Returning back to the Homecamp doesn't advances the time. The player may always return here before departing somewhere else.

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