Besides the tutorial the game can be played in two different modes, story mode and survival mode. The games differ besides of the story in game saving and the bestowing of knowledge at the Mystical Monuments.

Tutorial modeEdit

"Begin the path of discovery learn to walk in these wilds."

Basic game concepts like walking, running and crafting items were introduced explained.

It is not possible to die in this mode, as the stamina cannot drop beneath a fixed value.

Story ModeEdit

"Step into a spiritual story, a journey in search of solace."

  • Saving the game in this mode needs some preparation and time. The game is saved only when the player visits the Endly Altar or consumes a Blackened Heart.
  • If the player dies, there's a chance to continue playing by entering the Ends.
  • Seasons last for 15 days each, with exception of winter.
  • Winter never rolls over into spring in this mode, so don't try waiting it out.

Survival ModeEdit

"Endlessly survive the years against ever fiercer winters."

  • The game will be automatically saved after every night.
  • At the Mystical Monuments, there are always four altars offering a single item each, but there are eight different sets of altars.
  • Each season is shorter. First sping lasts only until day 9.
  • To decrease the duration of winter, use talisman pieces.


After completing story mode, freedom is displayed on restart.