Feather Reeds
Feather reeds
Produced by
Crystal Stream
Feathery Net
Fluffy Torch
Coconut Lantern
Used for
Provides light
Reeds sprouting a plume of feather hairs. It makes for a perfect short-lived fiery torch to light my life at night. 

The feather reeds can be found growing on the Crystal Stream and Fluid Marshes biomes. It can be used as a torch at night to interact with the world once the sun has set. It can also be used as ingredient for crafting the Feathery Net, the Fluffy Torch and the Coconut Lantern.

You can put out the torch by going to your inventory and hitting the S key with the torch selected. This way you'll get the Rubicund Reed back.


The torch will stay lit for around 60 seconds.