A mystical monument enveloped evermore in endly echoes.

A sanctum of safety for my essences beyond all times.

The Endly Altar is a Mysterious Place only appearing only in the story mode of the game through a teleporter found in the Streams (when Endly Altar's memory is lost). In casual mode it takes no time to visit. The player is greeted by another 'ghost' explaining he can save the game through the dark altar. On the ground lies the Diary Entry|Day 13. On the left a teleporter to a second room and an apparent piece of Winter Altar.

Saving Game Progress Edit

As the player saves the game either at the dark altar, eats a Blackened Heart or survives 'death', a spectre at the dark altar becomes more visible and opaque. The next time the player dies he has to outrun the Haunting Shadow which becomes faster each time  ; the 3rd time being his final death sentence. Offering Purity Flowers at the altar will reduce the darkness of the altar and produce a Blackened Heart. It is advisable to keep the darkness low.

Darkest Fogs of doubtations [SPOILERS] Edit

As the player says it himself purity is needed to traverse the darkest inner fog (otherwise you get poisoned), another hint would be the Diary Entry|Day 13 tied intimately tied to the interactions with the dark altar. Carrying Purity Flowers allow for a peaceful crossing to the piece of Winter Altar and far away to the right a Biome Globe leading to the Endly Altar.

Notes Edit

  • As of v6 the player the player no longer has to bestow Food or a Gold Nugget to save the game.

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