The Devotive of Shrubbery is a mysterious place which can be found by exploring Fanciful Forest on the map. In contrast to biomes, mysterious places like the Devotive of Shrubbery do not alter with revisiting. Since berries on the bushes will never rot until they are picked, the Devotive of Shrubbery can be used as food storage in the early game when the player has no Salt Box.

You can find six bushes of shrubbery and an altar at this place. Once the berries are harvested, there will be no new fruit over time. The only way to regrow the berries is to make an offering of a gold nugget. Depending on the season, just some of the bushes will replenish. In Spring is the six of them, in Summer just five, in Autumn only three and in Winter, no berries will replenish.

Golden Berries Edit

In case there are already berries on the bushes and you sacrifice a Gold Nugget to the altar, these berries transform into Golden Berries.

Time UsedEdit

Visiting the Devotive of Shrubbery takes a quarter of a day.
Moon visit 1