There are two different types of domains the player can encounter while exploring the map. The biomes domains are randomly generated each time they are explored and represent the wider wilderness. The Mysterious Places are only randomly selected when you first discover them, after which they remain the same each time you visit them.


The homecamp is the player's base. Unlike biomes, the homecamp is always found as it was left behind. Items dropped on the ground will remain where they were left. The camp can be upgraded with furniture. See Camp Upgrades.


Biomes are always randomly generated and will have different amounts of resources each time you explore them. They require half a day to visit.

Mysterious PlacesEdit

In contrast to biomes, mysterious places do not alter with revisiting. However, items left behind in a mysterious place will still disappear so they can't be used to store things. They require a quarter of a day to visit.


Gateways generally provide access to another biome or mysterious place after solving a puzzle. The require a quarter of a day to visit.


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