In story mode, occasionally a Message in a Bottle is found at the Beaches or at the Stream. The bottle can be smashed with a hammer, resulting in a Glass Lens and a piece of parchment. The latter contains one day's entry from a journal, supposedly written down by previous incarnations of the player. They may contain useful information and tips.

Journal entriesEdit

The following is a list of known journal entries. As they constitute major spoilers to the game, the entries need to be expanded individually.

Day 3
I bestowed a nugget of
goldyness to the altar
that nestles in ash.
My journal begins...
Day 8
The damn rain sodden
my wood... the fire was
meagre that night.
Day 8
I just realised the rain
reduced all my maps to a
dribbly intelligible mess!
Day 12
Thirst led me to drink
from a pond most foul.
Only the creamy milky
planty could soothe my
heaving bowels.
Day 26
I found a leprechauny's
four-leafed shamrock!
It can't be coincidence
that I then found gold
where none should be.
Day 15
A ginormous rock blocks
a path tended by stony
animals. I've seen similar
pedestals elsewhere...
Day 18
At the shores of arid
lands strange altars rise.
I can't fathom their
riddles... but reading them
makes me peckish.
Day 19
I keep seeing fleets of
movement out of the
corner of my eye.
I feel watched upon...
Day 20
I felt luckier clutching
this amputated rabbit's
limb. I tried to clutch nine
more but my aura's might
didn't seem to increase.
Day 21
I don't know what to do
with all this rabbit meat.
The smell of festering rot
infests my camp... if only
they could be preserved.
Day 22
I visited the strange
watery cave wall again.
As night fell the markings
reacted, some lighting up
like stars...
Day 24
As I chopped a mighty
sweaty tree, a burly vine
fell and almost flattened
me. I shall treasure this
vine and call it 'Ropey'.
Day 28
So the clammy wrigglies
dislike my torch's warmth,
which in turn dislikes the
slimy rains... hmm...
Day 29
I saw it emerge from the
marsh waters... emanating
filth. It just stood there
staring at me with its
blackened hollow eyes.
Day 30
Dehydration in the heat
hazes of the arid lands
is like no other...
I feel my soul wither.
Day 31
A coconut flask?
Day 32
Golly gosh darn it...
Using fragrant flowers to
hide my scent, I stalked
deer only to later realise
I forgot my flint knife.
Day 34
As I picked a flower as
pure as angelic bliss, I
noticed my dark stalkers
scamper away... How could
they fear such beauty?
Day 42
Am I dead?
Day 44
Day 45

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