In the middle of the homecamp is the firepot. Burning flammable items will make a bonfire. The bonfire is essential for survival. If the bonfire extinguishes the player will lose stamina during the night. The dramatic stamina loss can make the player contract the Flu or when depleted, lead to prompt death. On a normal night one woodlet is enough to keep it up all night.

ATTENTION: Values required to keep the fire burning all night change from version to version.


The heating value of the flammable items used and the weather condition will determine the duration of the fire. Bulding a Leafy Hood protects the bonfire from negative weather influences.

ATTENTION: The following table is out of date.

Amount of fuel items needed for the bonfire to last the whole night
Items Normal Rain Heavy Rain Snow Fuel Factor
Woodlet 2 3 4 1
Tufts of Leafy Foliage 5 8* 10* 0.4
Wand of Wood 34* 50* 67* 0.06
Humble Wood 1 1 2* 3
Fluffy Seeds 12 18* 24* 0.16
Glutinous Fibrous Plant 12 18* 24* 0.16
Feather Reed 20 30* 40* 0.1
Rubicund Reed 50* 75* 100* 0.04
Indomitable Bark 2
Sweaty Woodlet** 3 0.85
Palm Woodlet
Sweaty Humble Wood
Palm Humble Wood

Values marked with an asterisk (*) are derived, the rest are empirical.

Values marked with two asterisks (**) means they're empirical values based on the new game version.