Blue Stone Axe
Produced by
1x regular Woodlet
1x Blue Stone
Used for
Wood Cutting
A crude ramshackle chopper... but this bluey stone axe is still a dependable destroyer of tree nobility.

This axe tool can be used to chop down trees found the Homecamp, Fanciful ForestWindswept Highlands, Beach, Sweaty Jungle, and Savanna Biomes.


The axe is crafted from 1x Woodlet and 1x Blue Stone


Being the lowest grade axe, it deteriorates very fast: 

- It can chop down 3 Small Trees before deteriorating, granting 6x Woodlet, 6x Leafy Foliage and 9x Wand of Wood.

- It can chop down 1 medium tree plus 1 Small Tree (if lucky) before deteriorating, thus granting 2x Humble Wood, 5x Woodlet, 5x Leafy Foliage and 6x Wand of Wood.

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