Biome Globe
Produced by
Going to the Endly Altar with a Pure Flower

Found at Orbicular Lagoon

Used for
Used on its own takes you to the biome, which essence is inside (time is still spent to walk there)
Used at Orbicular Lagoon with another globe it teleports you to the destination, specified by the left pedestal
A fulfilled globe emanating biomey essences. I could follow it's (sic) whispery guidance to the Endly Altar... Dare I?

If used while alread at the Endly Altar, the player simply says: "My mind may wander, but my body is already here."

Changing the biome of the globe Edit

To change which essence is contained in the globe, you need to go to Orbicular Lagoon and place the globe onto the left pedestal. Then use the mirage beside it to choose destination. Note that not all of them are available the moment you discover the Lagoon.