A gleaming sandy horizon that recoils the bitter tempered
sea maw that dreams of devouring my essences.

The Beaches is a sparsely vegetated Biome found while exploring uncharted areas on the map. It is one of the few Biomes where the sun does not set at night. During Spring and Summer the Hot Climate will affect the player at midday. Altough water is visible in the background the player may not drink here. The area though almost empty, always contain at least 1 Crab, 1 Palm Tree, 1 Message in a Bottle and a buried curiosity which can be unearthed only once.

Biome ContentEdit

Curiosities [SPOILERS]Edit

Buried in the sand the player may dig a piece of Winter Altar. If the player does not hold any knowledge of the Treasure Cove the Message in a Bottle found at the end of the Biome will give a map leading to it ; otherwise it contains a random Diary Entry.