Astral Branular Anomaly

An Astral Branular Anomaly, the pulsating coalescence of otherworldly tortuously tingling ensorcellement.

This is a special item which can be found at a pedestal at the Astral Anomaly and at the pedestal at the Salt Lake. If the Astral Branular Anomaly is consumed, the player is stricken with a special effect.

The Astral Branular Anomaly pulsates in different colours on every encounter. So far red, blue, green, yellow and purple Astral Branular Anomaly are seen. 


The effect of using the anomaly depends on the colour. So far this have been witnessed:

  • Yellow - Poisons the player but 6x gold nuggets appears on the ground. "It feels... goldy"
  • Dark Blue -  Poisons the player but the time of the day is reset to first hour in the morning. "It feels... sunny" 
  • Light Blue -  Poisons the player but a abundance of useful items appear on the ground - better consumed at the homecamp.
  • Pinky Violet - Poisons the player but teleports the player to a different domain.
  • Black - Poisons the player but has a chance to scatter Pure Flowers or Charred Hearts. "It feels... darkly"
  • Purple - Poisons the player but also teaches the player a new recipe. "It feels... crafty"