Sat upon windswept stone a strangely tree curiosity has
settled to survey for the bloody remnants it hankers.

The Appley Tree is a Mysterious Place found on the way to the Highlands with which it shares it's characteristics. In the middle a mysterious tree holding a Blackened Heart and some Appley Fruits which require a Feathery Net to acquire them. A cave shaft requires 1x Chunky Vine to get down.

The Appley TreeEdit

Once the Blackened Heart is replaced by a Bloodied Heart the tree will produce additional Appley Fruits. Bone Meal can be used to transform the Blackened Heart into a regular one. During Winter the tree is no longer accessible.

The Cave [SPOILERS]Edit

In a dark place where blood is scattered around a tombstone and a spooky shadow lurks in the background, the player may acquire the Amulet of Vitality, 2x Bone Meals, a Blackened Heart, a Purity Flower and a message. Drills can also be acquired with the help of a Feathery Net.

[TODO: Find a way to move the message in the spoiler.]

Trapped.... for so long...
This blasted amulet is stopping starvations grip
from finally freeing me!
I need to end this.... now....


  • As of v6 the Appley Tree was merged with the Borehole Shaft


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