When adorned upon me, visions of a strange altar I have yet to see in flesh seeps and envelopes my mind's eye.

If the player has this amulet in the inventory while going out to scout for new locations, there are more chances of finding Mysterious Places connected to other Amulets.

Story ModeEdit

This Amulet is granted after having a special nightmare, along with the localization of the Snowy Summit.

In the case the player has no more free space in the map to allocate the Snowy Summit, a parchment will appear in the inventory or ground with the ability to add it to the map once there's a free slot.

In the story mode the amulet provides an easy way to get a free storage box - the Astral Sanctum.

Survival ModeEdit

In the survival mode this amulet and the Astral Sanctum have to be crafted.

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